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October is Respect Life Month, but Catholics around the country work to protect life all year round. They fight abortion, the death penalty, war, assisted suicide, and even poverty. We've asked a number of pro-life activists to submit their reflections on what "respect life" means in their lives. Here's what they have to say. Be sure to check back throughout the month as more posts are added.

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Respect for life and social justice
By Guest Blogger Stephanie Niedringhaus
Our first contributor in a series of guest blog posts from pro-life advocates says that respecting life involves respecting each other.

Protecting doctor's choices and consciences
By Guest Blogger Christopher Kaczor
A doctor's right to choose--not to participate in abortion--is an essential part of the life and choice debate, says one Catholic scholar.

We are winning the battle for life
By Guest Blogger Denise M. Burke
An Americans United for Life lawyer has faith in both the cause and the strength of the pro-life movement.

Children trafficking and respect for life
By Father Tom Joyce, C.M.F.
A regular blogger on immigration issues, this Claretian priest highlights the trafficking of children as a major concern for respect life month.

We need a year of the pro-life woman
By Guest Blogger Marjorie Dannenfelser
Getting pro-life women elected is one of the keys to ending abortion, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List writes. 

What pro-life means in Africa
By Guest Blogger Father David Garcia
A village in northern Ghana is as far from the political debates as you can get, but a commitment to life follows one priest there--and home again.

Pro-life academics means pro-life ideas
By Guest Blogger Father Joseph Tham, L.C., M.D., Ph.D.
In addition to activists and volunteers, the pro-life movement needs intellectuals.

Pro-life means supporting mothers too
By Guest Blogger Sidney Callahan
Part of the pro-life conversation must include our attitude toward motherhood, says a Catholic psychologist.

Guest blog posts express the views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of U.S. Catholic, its editors, or the Claretians.