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To move toward interfaith alliances, talk about God

The God of our sacred story is always fearfully free.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

Who is God for you? Probably not the deity to whom you were introduced in childhood. Nor the one whose contours you memorized in religious education. God is likely not the breathless mystery you consumed at first communion, the one that left you moon-faced and wide-eyed in resulting photos. God may no longer be the jigsaw puzzle of conflicting theological pieces you struggled to assemble in adolescence.

What does the Bible say about family?

Hint: Families have never been just a mom, dad, and 2.5 children.

By Candida Moss |
Article Lifestyle

The fairy tale pushed by bedtime stories, Disney movies, and traditional values in general is that we grow up, find that special someone, marry, and have children. But as central as marriage and childrearing are, especially for Christians, as far back as biblical times families have always been about something more than the couple, their 2.5 children, and their family dog. 

The deadly sin you probably forgot

Why is it so hard to remember that coveting is one of the worst sins of all?

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

“Who’s your hero?” I asked the dozen faces in front of me. It was the first session of a new year of religious education. I like to shake up the kids with the idea that it might not be as boring as they’ve been dreading.

“The Flash!”


“My mom.”

“John Green.” Really? An author can be a hero? If so, this could be an exciting year for me.

The Book of Joel offers hope in the face of apocalypses big and small

If we expect to keep it together when apocalypse hits, we’ll need each other.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

Apocalypse is so in right now. It’s almost an essential part of the cultural landscape. It’s not just sci-fi that takes us into the realm where everything falls apart. Leave aside the inundation of serials concerning a future overrun by zombies, vampires, androids, and robots. We’re invariably given to understand it’s the horrible humans we have to fear.

Women are the true heroes of Star Wars

It’s not only in Star Wars where men flake out and women hold firm—it happens in scripture, too.

By Rebecca Bratten Weiss |
Article Culture

I went to see The Last Jedi with some immature trepidation, since I’m more emotionally invested in this story than I should be, not being a teenager doing crappy cosplay before I knew cosplay was a thing anymore. For me, you see, the Star Wars epic is not just a story. It’s one of “my” stories—the stories I have carried with me and that helped shape my imagination, my sense of humanity, and my understanding of our relationships to the cosmos.

What early Christians learned from Jews about the afterlife

Religion historian Philip Jenkins believes the books of Wisdom and Maccabees can explain the origins of Christian beliefs about heaven and hell.

By Philip Jenkins |
Article Your Faith

In the 1960s the Second Vatican Council proclaimed the central role of scripture in the life of the Roman Catholic Church and urged Catholics to become once more a people of the book. But as ordinary Catholics read the Bible more intensively, some were puzzled at the differences they found from Protestant and Jewish versions. Why do Catholic Bibles include texts such as Wisdom, Sirach, and the books of Maccabees, which other traditions treat as apocryphal? What kind of authority do they carry?

This new year, give your heart to the mystery of God

Follow Mary’s example and ponder God’s words wrapped in silence.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

What does it mean to give your heart to a mystery? To fall in love with the silence that wraps around words and gives them context—like diamonds in their proper settings? On the first day of the year, we celebrate Mary’s determination to do that. It’s a countercultural choice. 

Why do we call Jesus the Messiah?

‘Messiah’ used to refer to a political king. Scripture scholar John J. Collins explains we got from there to Jesus Christ.

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
Article Your Faith

The story of the Messiah in the Bible is a complicated one. In the earliest biblical texts, the word originally referred to the present king. It later came to refer to some future ruler, then eventually a heavenly redeemer along the lines of the archangel Michael before, in the New Testament, Jesus is born and the mantle of Messiah falls firmly on his shoulders. The word’s history is convoluted, and to understand it’s necessary to know a little about apocalyptic visions, ancient Near Eastern mythology, and ancient Hebrew.

A baby is coming to shake up our world

Baby Jesus isn’t just a cuddly cute bundle of life.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

Advent is a wonderful season because it’s all about waiting for a baby. Who doesn’t love babies? Religion is sweet when it concerns a tiny bundle of life we can hold in our arms and upon whom the very hope of the world depends. More people would sign up for church membership if it were all as lovely and cuddly and charming as this.

But be forewarned: The baby is a thief.

Hold your lamp high to light the way forward

The New Testament parable of the 10 virgins shows how when it comes to character, you positively have to supply your own.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

It’s hard not to play favorites, even with scripture. Many churchgoers accept that the Bible is composed of sacred writings from one end to the other. Still, while some of these texts may sound holy to us, others are simply annoying.