US Catholic Faith in Real Life

Read: On God's Side

By Heidi Schlumpf |
Article Your Faith

By Jim Wallis (Brazos Press, 2013)

Watch: Lincoln

By Elizabeth Lefebvre |
Article Culture

Directed by Steven Spielberg (DreamWorks, 2012)

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous figures in American history and one of its most universally beloved presidents. Steven Spielberg’s highly anticipated film Lincoln brings the icon to life, managing to paint a positive portrait with a relatively tolerable amount of romanticism.

Read: Francis of Assisi

By Kathleen Manning |
Article Your Faith
By André Vauchez (Yale Press, 2012)

Francis the ecologist, Francis the stigmatic, Francis the peace activist, Francis the crusader. With so many Francis of Assisis, anyone can pick a favorite. In Francis of Assisi: The Life and Afterlife of a Medieval Saint, André Vauchez argues that previous attempts to find the “real” Francis often begin with a version of the saint in mind and then go hunting for evidence to prove that version correct. Unfortunately, the result is not a man or even a saint, but a one-dimensional figure existing outside of history.