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Seek out the weak and the excluded

By Jean Vanier |
Article Justice
With the church at a crossroads, Catholics look to Pope Francis for guidance. Jean Vanier gives the new pope advice on reaching out to the least among us.


Labor pains: What Wisconsin tells us about Catholics and unions

By Kristen Hannum |
Article Justice
Catholics have a long history of support for unions, but the recent protests in Wisconsin show how strained the relationship has become.

Veteran Catholic lawmaker Timothy Cullen was the last Wisconsin Democratic state senator to leave Madison on a chilly winter morning this past February. The other 13 had already fled the capital and across the Illinois state line, immune from any attempt to force them back to vote on the usually mundane budgetary fix to adjust the state budget.


We're sticking to the union

By Kevin Clarke |
Article Justice
Don’t paint public workers as a public enemies; they’re just working for the common good.


Uncertain status: 15 myths about immigration

By Tom Roach |
Article News
With Arizona's new immigration law causing debate around the country, it's best to start off on the same page about the facts. Lawyer Tom Roach clears up some common misconception about immigration. 


JustFaith in jail

By Laura Deavers |
Article Justice
Not all JustFaith groups meet in parish meeting rooms. One allows inmates to deepen their faith and serve their community behind bars. 

Eleven men sit in a circle on church pews that they have pulled close together in the cool and peacefully quiet chapel. They listen intently as soft-spoken members of the group discuss the plans for their day-long retreat.


A reading from the prophet Bonnie: An Advent essay

God’s messengers are often just as surprising as the words they bear.

By Father Ronald Raab, C.S.C. |
Article Your Faith

Advent always opens me up. Just when I think I am in control of my life and ministry, I am confronted by the challenges of a new liturgical year. The prophets get under my skin. The gospels splash my soul to surprise and awaken me.