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At, we post our monthly reviews from the magazine, but we can only fit three short reviews in each issue. We miss out on many good movies, books, and albums. We are pleased to introduce, therefore, reviews written by you, our readers.

Here's what we are looking for in a good review:

  • It must be a review of recent movies, music, or books (released in the last year). You can help us cover other media as well: DVDs, TV shows, video games, etc.
  • Have we written about it yet? Chances are we haven't, but please take a look at our review section and book club before submitting a review. If we have reviewed it, leave your comments!
  • Short and sweet: Try to stay under 400 words.
  • From a Catholic point-of-view. How does your perspective as a Catholic affect your response to the media you are reviewing? It might be subtle, and the material being reviewed doesn't need to be Catholic, but there should be a reason that your review is on and not

Why write a review?

  • You will help create a space online that Catholics can turn to for a trusted perspective on culture. We seek to engage the wider culture while not conforming to it.
  • You will be published online. We will link back to your blog or website and ask you to do the same.
  • You will possibly get paid. Superior reviews may be selected to be published in U.S. Catholic magazine. If your review is chosen, we will pay you for it. (This is why we ask you to stay under 400 words, the word limit for magazine reviews.)
  • You will have fun! (We hope.)

Please send reviews to Online Editor. Include your name, byline, and e-mail address. The decision to accept or reject any submission rests with the editors of U.S. Catholic.