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Conscious Contact with God discussion questions

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Discussion Questions for Conscious Contact with God: The Psalms for Addiction and Recovery

  • Did a particular person (or people) or event(s) in your life lead you to God or this book?

  • “Your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit” (Cor. 6:19). How has this book allowed you to see your body differently?

  • Which psalm(s) stood out to you the most while reading?

  • How have you learned about, or felt, God’s unending forgiveness?

  • Psalm 60 describes a feeling of rejection from God. Have you ever experienced these feelings? If so, how did you overcome them?

  • How will this book support your continued efforts to live in recovery?

  • Have you ever felt like you couldn’t turn to the church? If so, how has this book helped you to overcome that fear?

  •  Have you been able to rekindle any past relationships because of this book’s teachings?

  • When you feel stuck in the shadows of the valley of death, who is someone you can rely on to remind you that God is by your side?

  • Which psalms will help you to adjust your course if you feel yourself slipping back into your addictive habits?

  • When you’re feeling inadequate about your shortcomings, which psalms would you read to remind you of God’s mercy?

  • Has reading this book given you a new direction in life?

  • Have you forgiven yourself for the wrongs you’ve committed in the past?

  • What have you been able to realize about yourself through reading this book?

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