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72% (1701 votes)
Reasonable and justified
10% (241 votes)
3% (81 votes)
Insulting and unjustified
15% (351 votes)
Total votes: 2374


Submitted by Ron (not verified) on

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has alerted his readers of the poll. That is not an attack but is a call to his readership to voice their opinion. His readers are, after all, Catholics. I would imagine the pollsters would want to get as much Catholic input into the poll.

God bless you.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

So when conservative and/or traditional Catholics try to make their voices heard, it is considered an "attack"?

Hmmm, how very interesting.

I vote that the visitation is necessary.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Are you saying that traditionalist are second class citizens and when they become aware of an unscientific poll that gauges catholic reaction they should be excluded? Are their opinions unwelcome? Do they not qualify as Catholics? Are only non-traditionalist acceptable? What about those who believe that they are merely orthodox Catholics neither liberal nor conservative in Church matters , but those who believe in the Church and feel it is necessary to follow its teachings. Are we also unacceptable, then this isn't a poll but merely an place for those who are of like mind to reinforce one another.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

"bombarded by traditionalists"?? You mean mean and women who love the Catholic CHurch and believe that the Gospel call to holiness is objective rather than subjective and somehow re-definable? Then yes: you are about to be beset persistently...

Submitted by Adam Welp (not verified) on

Just because I read Fr. Z's blog, does not automatically mean I am a "traditionalist." If by wanting Priests to actually follow the Ordinary Form Missal and not add or remove anything from the Mass, then I guess by your standards I would be a traditionalist. But I digress. I happen to believe that this visitation is just as important to the church as is the current visitation to Legionnaires of Christ and the visitation on the houses of formation a couple years ago.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Under attack? Traditionalists? I didn't realize there were different ranks of Catholics.

Father John Zuhlsdorf. There is no need to be disrespectful of a priest simply because you disagree with him, honorifics should be maintained.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

Let's give name calling a rest.

Submitted by emily (not verified) on

How is it that this poll is "under attack"? The readers of Father Zuhlsdorf's blog are entitled to vote just as much as anyone else, are they not?

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

No. Apparently there exists a divergent group of Catholics who speak of two different "clubs" instead of a unity under the Invisible and visible Head of the Church. That's Jesus and the man in Peter's Chair for those who are confused.

The Gospel call to holiness is universal and not something we can take or leave. To pick and choose principles based on our own preferences would imply that we were in line at a cafeteria. We are not.