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Celebrating 75 years of U.S. Catholic

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U.S. Catholic magazine is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. From its first days as the Voice of St. Jude through a few name changes to its current incarnation not only in print but also online, a few things have remain the same. With the support of its publishers, the Claretians, U.S. Catholic always has and always will be a place for conversation about the issues that matter most to American Catholics.

In this series of retrospectives, Executive Editor Meinrad Scherer-Emunds looks some of the major stories and topics the magazine has covered over the years. Read more about U.S. Catholic and the church over the past 75 years in our special anniversary issue in August 2010. Order your copy today!

In the beginning: The origins of U.S. Catholic
How U.S. Catholic got its start 75 years ago

Ratzinger on the record
Thirty-seven years ago a future pope told U.S. Catholic what was on his mind.

Read the original story about then Father Ratzinger:Lost in the shouting: the meaning of Vatican II
By Desmund O'Grady

Who are you calling a saint?
In 1966 U.S. Catholic visited Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker in New York.
Read the original articles and learn more about Dorothy Day in our special section.

The end of a violent year
At the end of 1968 a poet and an artist looked back on a tragic year.

Somos el cuerpo de Cristo
U.S. Catholic has helped Latinos claim their rightful place in the church.
Read the original articles and learn more about Hispanic Catholics in our special section (to come).

An early call to get out
In 1967 U.S. Catholic call for a swift end to the Vietnam War. 


By the way, the 75th anniversary is diamonds, if you're thinking of sending a gift!