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Special Section: Immigration

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ImmigrationAs the place U.S. immigrants have turned to since the beginning, the Catholic Church supports comprehensive immigration reform. In its pages, U.S. Catholic has not only argued for reform, but also written about the life of the immigrant and the response--good and bad--of Catholics to their new neighbors.

For the most current news in immigration, visit the Margin Notes blog, where Claretian Father Tom Joyce writes about immigration every week.

Dream deferred
A U.S. Catholic interview with Rep. Luis Gutierrez on immigration reform

Alabama to Latino Catholics: No room at the inn
The popular devotions of a small Alabama parish mirror the fears and hardships of its members (March 2012)

Houses divided
New state laws and lack of immigration reform take heavy toll on children and families (March 2012)

The lies are killing us
Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas makes the case for immigration reform. (December 2010)

Video: Living on the border
A trailer for photographer Karl. W. Hoffman's documentary on the realities of border life. Hoffman's photographs appeared in the December 2010 issue of U.S. Catholic.

State of fear: Arizona's immigration law
Arizona's immigration crackdown both was inspired by and inspires fear. (December 2010)

Get off the fence
An argument for comprehensive immigration reform (February  2010)

Mothers' helper
A profile of Stephanie Garza, a young community organizer who helps empower immigrant mothers (March 2009)

Fault lines
What happens when the immigration debate comes home to Catholic parishes (February 2009)

Let my people stay
A column on solving the "push factor" that force immigrants from their homes (September 2008)

Catholics without borders
An interview with Bishop Jaime Soto on immigration reform (February 2008)

How quickly we forget
U.S. Catholics suffer from amnesia when it comes to our own immigrant past. (May 2007)

These American lives
Stories of undocumented workers living in the United States (August 2006)

Borderline Christianity
What life is like at the border

Be our guest?
A column on temporary worker programs

The Way of the crossing
How immigrants experience crucifixion (April 2003)

Huddled masses
The history of our immigrant church (July 2000)

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