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USC Book Club: Thrift Store Saints by Jane Knuth

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Thrift Store Saints: Meeting Jesus 25¢ at a time

By Jane Knuth

Review: Jane Knuth brings you into the Kalamazoo, Michigan St. Vincent de Paul thrift store and introduces you to her “Thrift Store Saints,” but her book is more than hagiography and feel-good stories. The saints in this book—shoppers as well as volunteers and donors—are real and troubled. Knuth is just an ordinary person, too, with a desire for order and cleanliness that cannot be met in a thrift store. Her own hesitations and preconceptions make the book both approachable and inspiring.

Thrift Store Saintsis an ideal book to read in a group. It will provoke discussion about poverty and perceptions of the poor, spirituality, the purpose of service, and priorities in our lives and our church. A word of warning: This book might inspire you to service as well.—Megan Sweas, Associate Editor,  U.S. CATHOLIC

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