US Catholic Faith in Real Life

Washington Square Serenade

By Danny Duncan Collum |

Steve Earle (New West, 2007)

Steve Earle is, without question, the most overtly political artist in American popular culture. For a long time his activism (and songwriting) focused on his opposition to the death penalty. But shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan, he wrote a sympathetic ballad about John Walker Lindh (the American Taliban), and he only got more pointed and confrontational from there.

Faith at the Edge

By Megan Sweas |

Edited by Angelo Matera (Ave Maria Press, 2008)

If the essayists in a new book are living Faith at the Edge, as the book is named, the majority of young adult Catholics I know are falling off the cliff.

The Counterfeiters

By Patrick McCormick |

Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky (Sony Pictures Classics, 2007)

Holocaust films often present concentration camp inmates as if they were only victims, not complex characters with their own unique stories and choices. But Stefan Ruzowitzky's riveting tale about two very different prisoners struggling to find their own answer to an impossible moral dilemma presents us with protagonists who cannot be reduced to caricatures.