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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

The visitation is necessary. These women religious are drifting into heresy (specifically regarding the ordination of women and also "new age"), and demonstrating disobedience to authority. Whatever happened to the vow of obedience? Last I heard, there still is one, and it hasn't been repealed.

Submitted by David L. (not verified) on

It is reasonable, justified, and long overdue for the reasons stated above. It is nesessary for the purification of Holy Mother Church in preparation for the crucial times ahead. Eternal Father, for the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Submitted by CatholicMom (not verified) on

The vow of obedience does not bind anyone to not think, to not ask questions, and to not wonder. In our diocese, our former archbishop got into a lot of trouble by lecturing a grandmother who questioned how he had dealt with a young priest found with child pornography on his computer. Our archbishop's words to her ("You should be ashamed!") echoed through the newspapers for weeks, revealing him to be a man demanding blind loyalty for the worst reasons.

Seems to me that that archbishop (who was still trying to cover up for one of his prized young priests) and others like him are the ones in need of purification--not the nuns!

..."in preparation for the crucial times ahead"??? This person has been using a fundamentalist interpretation of the Book of Revelation OR thinks he/she has a personal pipeline to God OR is taking some seer's words literally OR is connected to some with evil intent who he/she knows are planning something awful that he/she won't reveal just yet....OR (most psychotic of all) ALL of the above.

Submitted by Genevieve (not verified) on

Catholic Mom,
the purpose of this poll isn't to discuss the sins of priests; it's to discuss the state or religious lay women in the United States. The pope, as head of the Church, is responsible for *all* Catholics, ordained or lay. What harm will this visitation bring? Why is it assumed that the visitation will effect negative change? Perhaps positive change is needed.

Submitted by Melody (not verified) on

Well, an under reported fact is that the Pope has delegated the inspections to religious sisters, so any complaints about problems in the hierarchy are irrelevant.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

Implicit in vowed obedience is a willingness to follow.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Business as usual is your stance apparently.

I suppose you think that being eco-fashionable and prancing around in the moonlight on the summer solstice is the highest exhibition of using one's brains, as you so strongly think the sisters ought to do. This (and model heresy) is what many of them do with their "freedom" in case you haven't noticed.

I think the apostolic visitation is necessary and ought to be carried out with rigor and attention to detail. Moreover, I think that houses that don't pass the criteria of the visitation ought to be shut down. Organizations that don't pass the criteria of the visitation need to have their credentials revoked publicly -- and lose any and all funding they receive from the church.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I agree with "Catholic Mom" who points out that entering a religious order (or coming into a church) doesn't mean giving up one's freedom to think or question. Where would we be today if Paul couldn't disagree with Peter?

Women religious are not "Stepfor Wives" at the whim of bishops or the Vatican. They have given themselves to Christ and His Church to help spread the Good News and live a life of Christian charity. They are not dolls lined up and counted as if they were prize possession to be shown off.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

Paul disagreed with Peter on a matter of truth wherein an entire group of people (the Gentiles) were being undermined in their attempt to follow Christ. Those who are checked by this Visitation will not be so undermined but rather criticized because they are giving rise to their own preferences and so-called freedoms. This could be defined as following "self" instead of Jesus who calls us to unity.

St. Paul tells us that in community we should think of the interests of others (self-effacing) rather than our own (Ph 2). We should take it for granted that joining a religious order and living under a Rule of life means a sacrifice of one's own preferences.

Submitted by Dave Waters (not verified) on

Please be aware that John Zuhlsdorf at has alerted his site's followers to the presence of this poll. This normally means that the poll is about to be bombarded by traditionalists.

I thought you would like to be aware.