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You can go home again: Resources for returning Catholics

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awakening faithAwakening Faith


In this small-group program, inactive Catholics meet for six sessions and discuss essays on topics such as spirituality, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God's mercy, the Mass, and the church. The meetings also consist of prayer, reflection, and faith-sharing.


Cost: Parish manual is $40, group leader guide is $16, and participant booklets are $8-$10 depending on quantity.


Catholics Come Home

In correlation with the TV commercials, the Catholics Come Home website provides resources for returning Catholics, parishes that are running welcoming programs, and even people who are not Catholic.

Cost: The cost depends on how much advertising time is purchased on TV networks, in addition to whatever programs parishes plan in response to the ads.

Catholics Returning Home


Catholics Returning Home is a six-week series where participants meet in small groups with other returning Catholics and also active Catholics. Participants are supported emotionally and also review the basics of Catholicism.

Cost: "Inviting Catholics Home" manual is $15. Other books and a DVD are also available to purchase at various prices.



The longest-running program for returning Catholics, Landings was developed by the Paulist Fathers 20 years ago. It is an 8-10 week small-group program where active Catholics join and welcome returning Catholics to share and explore faith together. The sessions feature time for faith discussion as well as catechesis.

Cost: $70 for 10 participant books, $15 for the facilitator's guide, $10 for the coordinator's guide. Other books and a DVD can also be purchased.

This article appeared in the July 2010 issue of U.S. Catholic (Vol. 75, No. 7, pages 18-22).