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On the eve of his beatification, a song for Oscar Romero

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The iconic Archbishop Oscar Romero—long held high as an unofficial saint of the church—-will be officially beatified on May 23. Some supporters of Romero, including U.S. Catholic columnist Kevin Clarke, argue that Romero proceeding on the path to sainthood is long overdue. And others are just happy to celebrate the occasion. 

Among those joining the celebration is Rob Hahn, a Minnesota native and University of Notre Dame alum who has recorded a song about the life of Romero. Hahn describes the tune as a rock n' roll song worthy of a leader like Romero. On his website, Hahn says:

“Today's church leaders everywhere can learn a lot from Romero's actions. While issues might be different, there is a need for real leadership in the Catholic Church, particularly here in America."

The song is now available in both English and Spanish versions. Check out the English version below, or download the song here.


Thursday, May 21, 2015