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Weekly roundup: Crystal Cathedral 2.0, ISIS is still bad, and the baseball pop

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Autumn is officially here, complete with slightly unpredictable weather, changing colors, and a sudden and inexplicable urge to eat hot dogs. So in case you were too busy this week looking for your sweaters, this is your weekly roundup.

First, in Architecture news:

Remember the Crystal Cathedral--the 35-acre campus? It has been converted! The seven buildings are Catholic now, renamed Christ Cathedral. You can check out the tour here.



In heartbreaking international news:

ISIS has murdered human rights lawyer and activist, Samira Salih al-Nuaimi, apparently torturing her and executing her publically after holding a “trial” and determining that she had abandoned Islam. Al-Nuaimi had been working on detainee rights and poverty, and her death comes at a time when the U.S.-led coalition has begun an aerial campaign in Syria and the extremist group known as ISIS.  

In Official Church Business news:

The Synod on the Family is coming up here, in a couple of weeks, and people are starting to have opinions and thoughts about that. Like this guy, Maryknoll Father Grimm, who says that women should be a part of the conversation. He writes, “The larger portion of the Church and the group most intimately involved in the life of families--women--will only be present as a few decorative elements.”

Meanwhile, five cardinals are publishing a book reinforcing the sanctity of marriage. It will be released just days before the bishops descend on Rome to begin their talks.

And now for the rapid fire papal roundup.

This week, Pope Francis:

And that’s it for now. Go out this weekend and enjoy a fall picnic. Or some hot chocolate. And don’t forget to take our survey about altar girls.