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Weekly roundup: SCOTUS, same-sex baptisms, and Billy the Kid's nun

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It’s the first week of summer, and we in Chicago are experiencing Polar Vortex 2.0. At least it’s not -12 degrees anymore. So in case you have been wandering around, scratching your head, perplexed by the weather, this is your weekly roundup.

In cool nun news, Archdiocese of Santa Fe announced Wednesday it is exploring sainthood for Sister Blandina Segale, an Italian-born nun who challenged Billy the Kid, calmed angry mobs, and helped open New Mexico territory hospitals and schools.

In “Let’s make the church more welcoming” news, a bishop in Wisconsin is requiring decisions regarding the baptisms of children of same-sex couples to be routed through his office. The memo that went out reads, “a plethora of difficulties, challenges, and considerations associated with these unnatural unions (including scandal) linked with the baptism of a child, and such considerations touch upon theology, canon law, pastoral approach, liturgical adaptation, and sacramental recording.”

Also in welcoming news, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila wants his priests to stop saying “Good morning” during Mass. Cardinal Tagle is one of the youngest members of the College of Cardinals, and was speculated to be one of the candidates for pope, before Pope Francis was elected.

In SCOTUS news, the Supreme Court struck down restrictions creating no-protest buffer zones around clinics that provide services including abortion in McCullen v. Coakley, saying that the buffer zone laws violate the First Amendment. Pro-lifers are celebrating the decision, but they may be making it out to be more than it actually is. The court did not issue a decision about the much-anticipated Hobby Lobby case. That decision is expected now on Monday. (In related news: Most Americans have a favorable opinion of the HHS mandate that employers provide health insurance that includes contraception coverage.)

In political research news, the Pew Research Forum has a new multi-part report out about political typologies, which breaks down political attitudes of the general population. Find out your political typology here!

In late is better than never news, Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King were both awarded posthumously with the Congressional Gold Medal--the highest civilian honor in the country.

In medical news, pertussis has reached epidemic proportions in California, and there are new measles outbreaks popping up all over the country, including in Ohio. It’s become such an issue that some Amish communities--usually opposed to vaccinations--are reconsidering their positions. So, please get your boosters.

And now it’s time for the rapid fire papal roundup.


This week, Pope Francis:


And that’s it for now. Don’t forget this weekend to take a moment and take our survey about cry rooms. Have a beautiful and safe weekend!