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Daily Links Thurs., July 5: Slow news day

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Between the heat wave scorching the country and having a federal holiday smack in the middle of the work week, the dog days of summer are here and everyone and everything seems to be moving at a reduced pace.

You know it’s a slow news day when the top Google News headline reads, “Obama continues campaigning.” And the accompanying image is a video still of the MSNBC talking head saying so. 

More interesting: Ann Romney says her husband may choose a female running mate

Scientists think they have found the Higgs boson, also called the “God particle,” which could help unlock some mysteries of the universe, such as the hidden structures of matter in the universe. "It indicates that reality is deeper and more rich and strange than our everyday life," U.S. Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno told Catholic News Service. 

Spectators in San Diego last night were treated to a big bang as the entire fireworks display went off at once. 

And finally, in “religious freedom” news, Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori is claiming a "a major victory for the First Amendment," after federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia ruled that two Maryland pregnancy centers do not have to inform visitors that they do not have licensed medical professionals on staff.  And last week, a federal judge in New York ruled that public schools must treat religious groups seeking to use their facilities on the weekend have to be treated like any other community organization. As Peter Steinfels points out, this was one of the items on the bishops’ list of threats against religious freedom.