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Daily Links, June 6: Nuns, Muslims, and same-sex marriage

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The Vatican's crackdown on nuns continues with its denouncement of Sister Margaret Farley's 2006 book "Just Love." An unintended consequence: the book has become an instant best-seller. (What's the quickest way to make sure something is read? Ban it, of course! A lesson we all learned in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.) And, the sisters have been taking it all in stride, announcing a bus trip across nine states, where they will visit shelters, food pantries, schools, and health care facilities run by nuns to call attention to their great social justice work.

Is the Vatican offering a peace branch to women? It will now include a special "women's supplement" in its newpaper. Muses the Telegraph: "It may open up the Vatican to charges of hypocrisy – the four-page colour supplement is unlikely to satisfy those inside and outside the Catholic Church who say its attitude towards female clergy, married priests and contraception are deeply conservative and outdated."

Muslims in New Jersey are suing the NYPD, accusing them of using unconsitutional tactics to spy on them in the years since 9/11. One of the plaintiffs said, "What makes America great is that we don't treat each other differently based on on how someone looks or how someone prays."

Scott Walker survived his recall vote yesterday in Wisconsin. What does this say about money in campaigns?

David Gibson examines what the significance is of the pope's recently-announced 2015 visit to Philadelphia.

In Washington (state, that is), Catholics continue to be divided over whether or not to include a ban on same-sex marriage on the ballot this fall. Read more, including some great quotes from a 16-year-old who feels passionately about the issue, here.