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Daily Links, June 21: The Fortnight for Freedom is here!!

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Well, the much-ballyhooed Fortnight for Freedom is finally upon us! Festivities abound: you can ask Thomas More to pray for us all, or if you're a fan of more indirect participation, you can even text "Freedom" (or "libertad") to receive campaign updates. At the Washington Post Robert Jones offers a "Fortnight of Facts" about public opinions about religious freedom. And, Archbishop Chaput reminds everyone about what he thinks is at stake.

Meanwhile, the nuns are racking up publicity on their bus tour to call attention to problems with Paul Ryan's proposed budget plan. (You can follow along with this map about where they currently are.) Unlike Paul Ryan, this Catholic congressman just admits that he disagrees with church teaching on the budget.

Somewhat related: A Panera here in Chicago will become the third in the nation to operate on a "pay as you can" model. The goal is to "create an experience that could lift people up and provide some dignity for those who can't afford to pay," reports the Chicago Tribune.

Speaking of financial contributions, charitible giving to religious groups is down this year, even though charitable giving on the whole is up slightly.

Have John the Baptist's remains been found?

There was no ruling from the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act today, though word is expected soon. Today we are reminded that the Act has provided coverage to 3 million young people, and that the ruling might reflect our country's moral compass.

And, the jury is deadlocked in Msgr. Lynn's trial in Phildalephia.