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Daily Links, Dec. 21: Seasons greetings, papal appointments, and banking bishops

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It's almost Christmas! Learn how to wish some of your friends "Merry Christmas" in other "languages"! They even give "generic holiday greetings" if wishing "Merry Christmas" isn't your thing.

In other Christmas news, apparently frankincense could become extinct.

The pope has a busy 2012 planned. Will his health be a factor at all?

Faithful America is calling on the U.S. Bishops to stop banking with Bank of America, hoping that this will set a good moral economic example.

People shown in the tv show "All-American Muslim" aren't sure why their lives are considered so controversial. Says one ordinary football coach: "What I told the show is, I'm kind of boring."

On our blog today, we ask: Are we really seeing "class warfare?" Would other alien cultures need Jesus? And, why are minority opinions causing so much trouble for religious "minorities"?

Yesterday was the first day of Hanukkah. Though not their newest Hanukkah hit, I still love this video from the Maccabeats.