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Daily Links, Oct. 27: Vatican docs, poverty talks, and karate frocks

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There have been plenty of reactions to the Vatican document on international financial reform. Today, Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan chimes in with his opinion, while America's blog makes suggestions of what the church can offer economists.

The "Faithful Budget Campaign" has been holding prayer vigils on Capitol Hill since this summer. They're still dedicated to making sure the Super Committee (which has to find $1.2 trillion in budget cuts) will consider the hungry, homeless, and elderly in their talks and meetings. They should also remember that children are increasingly becoming the victims of our economic crisis. And today, Tim King at Sojourners' God's Politics blog points out five facts we should all know about poverty in the U.S.

Catholics in Chicago are saying that you don't need to agree with everything the church says to consider yourself a "good" Catholic.

On our own blog, Scott Alessi highlights recent commendable actions of Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and Meghan Murhpy-Gill calls for responsibility and charity in blogging.

And for some lighthearted links, be sure to check out the fighting Franciscan friar and "The Sermon on the Plane."