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Daily Links, Oct. 12: Iraq Christians, the Rule of St. Benedict, and Bill Donahue

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Two U.S. bishops made a pastoral visit to Iraq last week and today released their report on the state of the Christian community there. Things are not good. “Because of religious tensions, Christians in Iraq do not feel safe in their churches or their homes,” said Bishop Murry. “Many have emigrated to the north of the country or have left Iraq entirely, which greatly concerns the bishops there.” This year, U.S. Catholic reported on seminarians in Iraq and found similar stories.

The Occupy movement continues to gain momentum. But when the protesters have dissipated, could St. Benedict’s Rule help us revive our communities?

Wow. I agree with Bill Donahue (can’t say that every day): “When theological differences are demonized by the faithful of any religion—never mind by a clergyman—it makes a mockery of their own religion. Rev. Jeffress is a poster boy for hatred, not Christianity.

And finally, things are not going well in talks across the pond about sex abuse. Two survivors’ groups have left “exploratory talks” over how the church in England and Wales can improve its pastoral response to victims and victims’ family. Those leaving the talks claim that church continues to “deny justice” to the victims of clergy sex abuse.