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Daily links, Mon., Oct. 3: Church limericks (rated G), more fun than a border fence, and defending of altar girls, and temp marriage

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Not much to report in the wide world of the web, but here's a couple of laughs and something to cry about.

Two bits of humor floating around: The Wimpy Catholic has a fun, tongue-in-cheek guide to rooting out illegal immigration, including this gem: "7. Spread scurrilous rumors about Dora the Explorer. If necessary, doctor up some incriminating frames." That should do it. High-powered theologian Joseph Komonchak collects limericks written during and about the Second Vatican Council at dotCommonweal, which shows that the pre-conciliar church did indeed have a sense of humor.

On to the ridiculous: America magazine issues an editorial in favor of altar girls; no, the editorial isn't ridiculous. The ridiculous part is banning altar girls. I'm waiting for the sign on the sacristy door that reads, "No girls allowed--except to clean up." With the "r" i girls backward of course. Sigh.

Must be Monday. 

P.S. Oh yeah, I forgot Mexico's City's proposed solution to a 50-percent divorce rate: term-limited marriages. Hmm...