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Daily Links: Wed., Sept. 21: What happens when you mix REM, godparents, and class warfare?

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It’s deadline day here at U.S. Catholic, which means we’re busy putting the final touches on the November issue. It’s not even October, and yet we’ll get started on our December issue next week! Two nights ago, while trying to get to sleep I started planning my Thanksgiving menu. Working here will do that to you.

Today, a beloved band, especially by those of us in our 30s around the office, announced they’re calling it quits. R.E.M. formed when I was just a baby, but their songs were anthems to my adolescent and teen years. We’re sad. (But honestly, I haven’t bought an R.E.M. record since the 90s…). I’m sure there’s a riveting forthcoming article by someone being written right now about the important things R.E.M. had to say about the human condition, being vulnerable, and religion and all that.

Catholic school kids in Philly are back in the classroom today (their take on R.E.M.’s break up: I learned about that in human biology) thanks to yesterday’s contract agreement between the archdiocese and teachers. “Parents will be receiving a letter from us today notifying them that there will be five days that the students will be in class that were not previously scheduled,” said Mary E. Rochford, superintendent of schools.

The Christian Century’s Steve Thorngate asks, What’s a godparent? And our own Liz Lefebvre’s blog post about so-called “class warfare” continues to draw much comment.

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