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Daily links Sept. 28: Sex in the common era, communion ministers, and papal beer

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There’s a lot of commentary on the reasoning behind Phoenix’s new norms regarding the communion cup, namely that they seem to elevate clergy and do away with extraordinary ministers of communion, the official way to say lay Eucharistic ministers. But no one’s asking what exactly is wrong with communion ministers? Oh, wait. Bryan is.

Apparently, there was a papal beer created to commemorate BXVI’s visit to Germany. Benedict’s Beer (as the brew is named) “is a light and fruity ale which brewer Chris Hemming described as "something easy going, nothing too heavy,’” reports the BBC.

This chart is totally wrong.

The majority of young, unmarried evangelicals are having sex, reports Relevant. I used the article as an opportunity to use the term “marriage bed”.

And speaking of preferred nomenclature, Christians in the U.K. are totes angry that the BBC has decided to drop the terms “A.D.” (Anno Domini, a.k.a. the Year of our Lord) and “B.C.” (Before Christ) for the less Christ-centered “B.C.E.” (Before Common Era) and “C.E.” (Common Era). I sat here trying to make a hilarious joke about it for about 5 minutes.