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Must we have an opinion about EVERYTHING?

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There are mild rumblings in the blogosphere about "the church's position" on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. One blogger at the Examiner quotes Archbishop Timothy Broglio, the archbishop for the U.S. military, favorably when Broglio questioned a federal judge's ruling striking down DADT. The blogger (Kevin Whiteman) then goes on to point out that, despite DC's Cardinal Donald Wuerl statement to the contrary, the church does have an official position on DADT, quoting a 1992 letter of Cardinal Ratzinger about situations in which sexual orientation may be taken into account that qualify as "just" discrimination, in which he included military recruitment.

Not sure that really qualifies as the "church's position." Why on earth would the church take a position on DADT anyway? Do we really have to have a position on everything? I'm with Wuerl on this one. And, seriously, if the hierarchy has to take an official position on everything related to homosexuality, people are going to start to think we have issues. (Wait, that horse may be out of the barn.) But I hardly think that any part of the deposit of faith bears any relevance to DADT. Then again, I guess there are a lot of soldiers in the gospel of Luke, Scripture is slient on whether or not they are gay, though. Leave that one to the scholars...

Of course, my question is why the military gets an archdiocese and an archbishop at all. Seems like overkill, that's all.