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Another pregnant teacher sacked by a "Christian" school

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At least it wasn't a Catholic school this time. Back in April Southland Christian School fired Jaretta Hamilton after she informed them of her pregnancy and requested a six-week leave in October, according to ABC News. When asked by the administrator when she had gotten pregnant (a question to which Hamilton should have answered, "I beg your pardon?" which is Southern for, "None of your damn business"), Hamilton answered honestly that it was just before her wedding. Because Hamilton had committed the sin of fornication, she was fired immediately--and in effect the whole school was informed of the reason.

OK, Christians, get your Bibles out and turn to John, chapter 8, verses 1 through 11, and tell me how this response at all coheres with Jesus' own example. Christians are giving the gospel a bad name by disregarding Jesus' warnings about judging and punishing others and behaving as any Pharisee portrayed in the gospel would.

And we wonder why no one goes to church anymore. It's because of rank, prurient hypocrisy like this. File it under "What would Jesus NOT do," along with the Catholic school teacher fired for checking the "atheist" box on her Facebook profile.

And, to head off this particular strand of comments, of course the school has the "right" to employ whomever they wish, but that doesn't give them a pass to behave uncharitably--as if none of the "righteous" have secret sins, which was Jesus exact point in the story of the woman caught in adultery.