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Choice words from Catholics for Choice

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Dan Gilgoff, a religious reporter and blogger for US News and World Report, posted an interesting conflict over President Obama's appointee to the Department of Health and Human Services Faith-based position. The appointee, Alexia Kelley, formerly led Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, which worked pretty hard during the last two elections to broaden the Catholic political discussion beyond abortion.

Catholics for Choice, an interest group that favors abortion rights, issued a basically unprovoked broadside against Kelley because she evidently favors some restrictions on abortion (as most Americans do). What's disturbing is that the statement Jon O'Brien of CforC issued could well have been written by Planned Parenthood or NARAL. That wouldn't be a surprise, since Catholics for Choice's $3.5 million annual budget has to come from somewhere, and I kind of doubt rank-and-file Catholics are pitching in millions.

A response from the White House aligned Catholics United argued in response that "despite annual expenditures of more than $3.5 million, the organization accomplishes little more than creating a hostile and divisive political climate."

I tend to agree; it's hard to see CforC as a transparent dialogue partner, authentic voice, or honest broker in the Catholic conversation about abortion.