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Macho Archbishop

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Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris is the "macho [man] of the year," according to a French feminist group (see the AFP report).

The cardinal won the title for saying it was difficult to find women who are properly trained for church jobs: "It's not enough to have a skirt, you have to have something between your ears as well."

While the organization is "one of France's most outspoken women's groups" (it's name would be censored here), I agree with them that the archbishop is wrong his statement.

He later explained "that people are not accepted [hired, I assume] into the church depending on their gender but on their personal ability." Great, so that means that the reason women aren't in more leadership positions (as laypeople, setting aside the priesthood issue) is because they aren't as smart or able as men. 

Forget the possibility of discrimination, or even the thought that some women might be turn off by working for the church. The implication of both the original statement and the clarification is the same: Women aren't good enough.