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Attention last minute shoppers . . .

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If, like me, you have waited until the last few days before Christmas to find that special something for loved ones, I have some kindly intended advice: fogettaboutit.

It's long past shipping deadlines and most of the department stores have probably been completely picked over. It's just too late (and I am talking mostly to you men planning to run off on Christmas Eve). Go home, be with your family, fire up the yule log, and make a donation to a worthy charity your thoughtful gift this year. Less craziness for you, more good for a world in need, particularly in a year when charitable giving may be driving off a cliff.

Here's some ideas in no particular order:

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Caritas Internationalis

Catholic Charities

Catholic Relief Services


Heifer Project

Bread for the World

Redefine Christmas

Doctors without borders

Cross international

Food for the poor

Also take a gander at this recent news post on fair trade and alternative gift-giving.

Merry Christmas to you. God bless all here.

Bonus Christmas surprise!