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Nuns in action

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A few of stories of political nuns:

First, perhaps the oldest voter in this election is a 106-year-old nun living in Rome, aired on CBS News. This is the second of time she has voted in her long life, and the last time she vote for Eisenhower. This time, she's voting for Obama, but she was shy to show her button on TV and "campaign" for him.

Then there is the two nuns who found out they were listed as terrorists for breaking into and protesting at a nuclear missile silo. Sister Ardeth Platte, 72, and Sister Carol Gilbert, 60 served their prison sentences, but were shocked to learn they were labeled terrorists. "To be labelled a terrorist is really very hard to hear and to accept, when your whole life has been one of loving nonviolence," Platte said, according to this news stories from AFP. Their "terrorism" records will be destroyed.

Regardless of whether you agree with their politics, these nuns' social action--the little step of voting at age 106 or taking action for a cause you believe in despite the risks to yourself--are quite admirable.