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All in a day's laugh

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When's the last time you laughed at work? If you can't remember, your workplace might need to lighten up.

According to "humor experts" (comedians?), a "whimsical" workplace is better for your productivity, stress levels, and health. But the last few decades, an MSNBC business columnist writes, has seen tighter attitudes to joking around with your co-workers. This isn't good news, some say, facing an economic downturn. It seems that we've been more depressed in recent decades than we were in the Depression.

Humor is spiritually useful as well--there's a reason we talk about "keeping your spirits up" during hard times. With work taking so much of my day, I'm glad I have some exceptionally silly and sarcastic co-workers. I'm forwarded news stories from both and And it's my job to look up Odd News once in a while!

What's the attitude at your workplace: a good laugh is part of the job description, or stop laughing and get back to work? What's the attitude working at Catholic parishes and organization? Heard any good Catholic jokes lately?