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Special Section: September 11

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For the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we've collected some new and old content for reflection.

We remember
The U.S. Catholic editors share their memories of 9/11

Day of recollection
U.S. Catholic readers share thoughts on 9/11

Telling everyone's stories
There are tens of thousands of 9/11 victims whose names we'll never know.

Peace by piece
On peacebuilding with Mary Cusimano Love

Conflicted generation
Millennials and the war on terror

The wages of war
The steep price of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan

Muslim on Main Street
Akbar Ahmed on American Muslims

War Stories
Faith on the line in Iraq and at home

What do you do with such pain?
Former contributing editor Tom McGrath reflects on the way out of suffering in this November 2001 column.

Choking on ashes
Kevin Clarke recalls in Margin Notes frantically trying to account for his friends and family, many of whom are cops and firefighters, on September 11, 2001.

How do you teach kids about 9/11?
Meghan Murphy-Gill wonders what history classes are teaching children who were too young to remember the events of September 11, 2001.

Is this just war?
Two Catholic perspectives on the war in Afghanistan

Is the face if Islam changing?
An interview with Muslim scholar Farid Esack