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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

While you comment still remains true, it will not be for long. As a well-traveled YOUNG Catholic the trend is clear. The youth are more and more faithful and sick and tired of the dissent of the hippie generation. The dissenters are slowly fading away, which is why they have to constantly put polls on the internet to make them feel better about themselves.

Its funny how often these polls show up and how it causes them to scream all the more when their polls go in the wrong direction.

The gates of hell will never prevail... Convert and turn from disobedience while you still can.

Submitted by Loyally Dissent... (not verified) on

I am a young Catholic, not even 20 yet, and myself and my friends LOVE the 1960s and 70s generation. I have convinced others as well!

Right now, the Reagan generation is uprising, and will gain "control." However, my generation is the Obama generation, and we agree more with the 60s! Wait until we are graduated from college, and then tell me we are tired of "hippies."

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I'm at your stage in life, and I think you'd be shocked how much we contrast on that. I think to regard ourselves as the "Obama generation" is abit silly really, more Bush or is the Pope John Paul II "generation" we belong to, as opposed to the dissenting 1970s hippies who were misguided under Pope Paul VI and John XXIII.

Church SHOULD NOT alter to reflect the transient trends of the modern day - imagine what that would have done during WWI and WWII if the Church had been open to change by current opinion.

I think a main concern of the Vatican, quite rightly, and something I've noticed as a young (convert) Catholic is that it is ecumenism that is ruining the Catholic Church - a wanting to be accepting resulting in throwing away all that upsets the Protestants, losing everything the Martyrs and Saints died for.
Religious communities, who are quite rightly, immersed in mission, are most susceptable to this abuse and it is very prevelent. Sure it doesn't stop good acts - look at the Little Sisters of the Poor, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be regulated by the Catholic Church.

After all, if you worked for AT&T, you would expect a representative to check up on your workplace every so often wouldn't you - so why should the Catholic Convents be any different. Whining only takes place if there is reason to be afraid. There are some convents rejoicing in this proposal.

Submitted by Loyally Dissent... (not verified) on

According to the comments on Father John's blog, they are "voting early and often." This poll is worthless, as they plan to vote more than once. Great morals, Trads!

Submitted by JK (not verified) on

One person made a comment (a joke I hope) about voting early and often. This was soon reproved by another poster. Subsequent posts frequently made a point of saying that they only voted once. Nobody voiced agreement with "early and often." One person, however, out of curiosity tried a second vote to see if it were possible and discovered that it is not. The poll has just as much worth as it did before the arrival of the Trads (which is not much).

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I like how you took the voice of one commenter and applied it to all 'Trads'"...

Sounds like you have the problem with 'morals'. Bearing false witness against all 'Trads' based on the words/actions of one. Anything to be able to pick up a rock to throw, I guess...

Submitted by JK (not verified) on

It is also worth noting that Fr. Z removed the "vote often" comment, so there is no reason to think he agrees with it or that this is the official position of his blog.

Submitted by JK (not verified) on

Since I posted this, one person has posted a comment at WDTPRS claiming to have voted twice in this poll. As someone who could be called a traditional Catholic and a regular reader of WDTPRS, I strongly disagree with this person voting twice. I am also disturbed that s/he sees so little wrong with it that s/he writes to boast of it. This person does not represent me.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

The majority of the name calling is being done by dissenters. If you can judge a tree by its fruit what name shall we give this name calling? CHARITY CHARITY CHARITY. That's Latin for Agape, which is Greek for real LOVE. TRY IT OUT.

Submitted by James (not verified) on

Why are you complaining that readers of Father Z's blog come to vote on an issue like this? Or were you expecting a particular result, and you're disappointed? Of COURSE a visitation is needed. Have you even visited any of these nuns even once? Of course there are good nuns, even great and holy nuns in the bunch, but there are, as we ALL know, plenty of nuns who don't give a hoot what the Catholic Church teaches or what its discipline is. If you're going to be a nun or priest or religious of any sort, you should be following the teachings of the Church, period. You aren't operating on your own authority, but on the authority and under the guidance and instruction of the Church. If you don't like that, vote however you want in this poll, but it won't change the reality of the situation, and it won't stop it either, because the Catholic Church isn't a democracy, nor should it be. It is ruled by Jesus Christ our King and his vicar on earth, our Holy Father the Pope and the Bishops in union with him!