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Submitted by Sam Schmitt (not verified) on

So let me get this straight - any oversight by the Vatican means that nuns are bound "to not think, to not ask questions, and to not wonder" entering a religious order doesn't mean "giving up one's freedom to think or question" (who said it did?). So what, pray tell, would justify an investigation by the Vatican - or are nuns supposed to be free to do whatever without any oversight?

When Mother Angelica was reprimanded by the Vatican, I don't remember hearing any cries that she wasn't free to "think, ask questions, or wonder." Not that I defend what Mother Angelica did, but there's seems to be a double standard at work here.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

No double standard...only the Gospel standard which the Church stands to illuminate until the Second Coming.

How easily we forget that Jesus called us to unity. That is only possible if we look to the same Source--Jesus Christ. The Church has been at this business for 2000 years which trumps most of our 20, 30, 50, 60, 70 years on the planet.

Wake up and smell the incense that's been rising up to God from the remnant that has understood his message for 4000 years...

Submitted by Megan Sweas (not verified) on

David, Sorry--changed my mind and deleted that post as you suggested. I don't want that line of conversation to take over. Unfortunately lost your comment.

But I do want to reiterate the point you made: This forum is a place for civil conversation between people who disagree. We welcome those of all perspectives, but we want to rise above the polarization that often occurs online, where comments are used to insult one's opponent. Please be respectful of each other, of Father Zuhlsdorf, and of women religious, refraining from personal attacks.

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Submitted by Lankester (not verified) on

Mr. Waters, please address FATHER Zuhlsdorf with his proper title, the priesthood was given to us by Christ and they have earned that title and respect for eternity. Also, why would you alert one group to another group, does your mistrust extend to clergy and laity alike? Are you even Catholic?

Submitted by Dave Waters (not verified) on

I will happily apologise for the ommission of his title once Fr. Zuhlsdorf informs followers of his site that it is only justifyable to vote once in polls. Otherwise polls do not give a fair representation of the opinions out there. Or is Fr. Zuhlsdorf scared of the opinions that are out there?

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

That the sum of opinions equals a truth is an oversight of what "is."

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

You realize what you say makes no sense, right? You fail to address a priest by his proper title, and why? Because people who read his blog voted more than once (so you say) in a poll? How utterly absurd.

Submitted by Dave Waters (not verified) on

Voicing an opinion is fair and just, however the objection I have is that I believe when Fr. Zuhlsdorf has his 'poll alerts' that he is suggesting people vote more than once. This would be an effort to exert unjust influence over a debate.

His original post makes mention of the fact that cookies only allow individuals to vote once. But why, Father? surely that is the point, right?

If Fr. Zuhlsdorf will post something on his site saying that voting in polls is okay, but that individuals should vote only once, then I will apologise immediately for the above comments.

David Waters

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

Mr. David Waters, my name is Luke Whittaker and I can only see one thing shining through your objection and that's your clear view that in the Church Christ left for us there is room for "self" AND something else. I would advise you to go and read chapter two of the epistle to the Philippians wherein St. Paul makes clear that our minds must be the same as Christ Jesus'...Please go and read the chapter before you even drink another cup of could save your life one day...your eternal life.

Submitted by Dave Waters (not verified) on

So my eternal life is in danger because I dare to suggest that Fr. Zuhlsdorf shouldn't encourage his users to misrepresent themselves in polls?

Sorry, but nobody is buying that!!