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Submitted by Megan Sweas (not verified) on

James--I deleted a post and changed the title to this post. We want to create a respectful dialogue on our site, and  we ask you to refrain from such tactics as name calling while sharing your perspective. We welcome everyone to contribute. Please see our Terms of use for more information.

Sorry if we haven't been able to catch all inappropriate comments from both sides of the debate.



Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Hey Megan, it has been an interesting comments section. I am surprised at how far the divide is. It is sad. But I wanted to thank you for trying to keep everyone in line.

Submitted by Luke (not verified) on

Can you explain the following, Megan Sweas: It seems that the person who created the poll slanted it by using the word “insulting” in their description of the #4 choice while not using strong language in the first three. Although “necessary” implies “needed without qualification,” it could have been equally graced by supporting vocabulary.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

They are complaining 'cause they oppose the obedience to Holy Mother Church. Never mind the fact that the readers of Father Z's blogs are Catholic too and have just as much a voice as they do in a poll such as this.

No! They don't want faithful Catholics to have a voice! That is at the root of their complaint.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

So...if the majority of people who voted in this poll read Fr. Z's blog...and not the "US Catholic"...then who's out of touch? Put another way: what does it say that more people 'actively participated' in this poll from reading about it on Fr. Z's blog than did from reading the "US Catholic" directly?

Someone appears to be climbing the invisible ladder.

Submitted by Cecilia M (not verified) on

Unfortunately many religious sisters have rebelled against the teachings of the Church. What do some of these sisters mean when they say they have "moved beyond Christ" and "beyond the Church." Well, maybe it is time for them to leave. Why does wanting the good sisters to teach Catholicism and be obedient to the Holy Father make one a "trad."

Submitted by Loyally Dissent... (not verified) on

So...thanks for your 60 plus years of service, now please get out?

These women are the backbone of the church, we would be wise to follow their council!

Submitted by TwentySomething... (not verified) on

More like: do penance for your 60 years of spreading heresy, now stop ruining things for the next generation.

Submitted by YoungAndCatholic (not verified) on

It's funny how this generation invoked their youth to ruin the Church when they were young, and yet invoke their age now that they are old. Dont trust anyone over 30? More like, dont trust anyone between the ages of 50 and 65.

Submitted by Cecilia M (not verified) on

I have served the Church as a lay person for 25 plus years but if I came to the point where I could not accept many of her teachings and felt that I had "moved beyond Christ" and "beyond the Church," yes, I would leave. That would be the honest thing to do. No one is talking about kicking these sisters out. I just don't understand why they stay in an institution they are so bitter about.