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U.S. Catholic Book Club - Where the Hell is God?

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Where the Hell is God?

By Richard Leonard, S.J.
Foreword by James Martin, S.J.

Review: An earthquake in Haiti, a tsunami in Japan, a child stricken with leukemia: What kind of God would allow such things? Jesuit priest Richard Leonard's own experience of family tragedy forced him to ask that question. He never discovered the "right" answer, but he knows a bad one when he sees it, and he explores seven of them.

USC Book Club: Waking Up to This Day by Paula D'Arcy

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Waking Up to This Day: Seeing the Beauty Right Before Us

By Paula D'Arcy

Review: I was distracted when I started to read Waking Up to This Day. I struggled to focus on the words. But soon Paula D'Arcy's easy prose brought me in and calmed my racing mind. Appropriately, D'Arcy aims to show her readers how to be in the present moment and focus on what is really important in life with this book.

USC Book Club April 2011: The Long Yearning's End by Patrick Hannon

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The Long Yearning's End: Stories of Sacrament and Incarnation

By Patrick Hannon

Review: Many a spiritual author writes about finding God in the ordinary rhythm of daily life. Few, however, do so with the ease and lack of pretense of The Long Year's End. Reading Patrick Hannon's natural prose is like sitting at the table after dinner, talking quietly with an old friend.

USC Book Club: Holding God in My Hands

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Holding God in My Hands: Personal Encounters with the Divine

By Paul Wilkes

Review: Faithful readers may remember what to me was one of the most moving recent U.S. Catholic stories. In "On Call," Paul Wilkes, one of today's best Catholic writers, reflected on his experiences as a hospital eucharistic minister. Wilkes has now expanded those reflections into a wonderful book about what he calls the "serious business" of bringing God in the holy Eucharist to the sick and dying in a hospital.

U.S. Catholic Book Club - Catherine of Siena: A Passionate Life

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Catherine of Siena: A Passionate Life
By Don Brophy

Review: In this compelling biography of one of the most revered female saints of Christianity, Don Brophy offers a fascinating portrait of this passionate Italian mystic as she engages and confronts the political and religious machinations of what has been called the “calamitous” 14th century.

U.S. Catholic Book Club - From the Pews in the Back: Young Women and Catholicism

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October 2010:
From the Pews in the Back: Young Women and Catholicism
Edited by Kate Dugan and Jennifer Owens

Review: The church does not have an excellent record of seeking or listening to the voices of young women, a fact that makes us lacking as a community. From the Pews in the Back offers a remedy. In personal, heartfelt, and sometimes heart-wrenching essays, 29 women offer a glimpse into how they’ve been navigating the Catholic faith and struggling with the limited expectations for being a woman in the

U.S. Catholic Book Club: Patience with God

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Patience with God by Tomáš Halík

Patience with God is for both people with doubts and those who want to understand them. The premise is that many today approach faith like Zacchaeus, the tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus: cautious but curious. As Jesus did, we are called to reach out those on the sidelines of faith-but not to demand orthodoxy from them. Patience is required from both seekers and believers.

Book Entitled "The Tend Time"


Reference Book entitled "The Tend Time" (ISBN 978-0-9802028-0-9)


Your review of the referenced book is suggested.  It analyzes the Bible's Book of Revelation and events surrounding the related end time anticipated.   There have been any number of books addressing these subjects in current times, but yet one more is proposed for very good reason.  “The Tend Time” is distinctly unique in that it provides an insight into Revelation heretofore unavailable.


Pilgrimage to Holy Land


Hi, my name is Olga, and I work with the Israeli Ministry of

As you may know, this year Pope
Benedict XVI has made his pilgrimage tour to Holy Land in a mission
of peace and reconciliation. His Holiness defined his pilgrimage to
the Holy Land as a visit to the birthplace of the Christian faith.

The Pontiff’s pilgrimage had taken
him to Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem in May 2009.

How are you coping with our hard times?

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Hard economic times are taking a personal toll on U.S. homeowners and among the growing ranks of unemployed Americans.

We're wondering how you're coping with these tough economic conditions, how you plan to weather them, and what impact they're having on your personal or spiritual priorities.