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Help wanted: Surviving the spiritual challenges of unemployment

By Marcia Froelke Coburn |
Surviving the spiritual challenges of unemployment


When Marilyn Jansen thought about re-entering the job market, she was filled with dread. Years ago Jansen, 50, had left her travel-heavy career of selling computer software to hospitals to concentrate on raising her family. Since then she had also started a small gourmet food business, but now she felt the need for a significant change.

What’s God got to do with it? Keeping the faith in times of suffering

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
This Jesuit had to confront what he believed about God and suffering when his sister became a quadriplegic. But the letters of comfort were what really threw him for a loop.

At dawn on his birthday, October 24, 1988, Father Richard Leonard’s phone rang. It was his mother, telling him that his sister Tracey had been in a terrible car accident. Her neck broken and her spine crushed, Tracey became a quadriplegic at age 28.

O come let us get ready

By Annemarie Scobey |
In the pre-Christmas rush, take time for Advent. 

Jamie and Carol and their four children, ages 9 to 15, try to avoid looking at any Christmas decorations before Advent begins. It’s a playful practice with a deeper meaning.

“We love to shop, and our favorite store hangs up their Christmas decorations in September,” Carol says. “We actually turn our heads, hold up our hands to shield our eyes, and say, ‘Don’t look! It’s not even Advent yet.’ ”

Dynamic duo: Pat and Patty Crowley

By Paul Leingang |

Pat and Patty Crowley will always be Pat-and-Patty to me—individuals but inseparable—even though I only came to know them through Patty alone. Pat died in 1974, shortly after my wife and I joined the Christian Family Movement. We didn’t know then the power of CFM and its straightforward approach.

More than two decades later my wife and I were among the couples who regularly met at Patty’s apartment to prepare for the CFM’s 50th anniversary conference in 1999.

Let's Get Political

By J. Peter Nixon |
How parishes can successfully navigate this election year and promote faithful citizenship.

Do you have faith in your vote?

By Heather Grennan Gary |
Catholics are valued voters for the candidates because they take their faith and their role in democracy seriously. In a 2008 U.S. Catholic survey, though, readers reveal that faith can lead voters in very different directions.