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Daily links, Fri., Aug. 3: Spoiler alert! This post contains nothing about Michael Phelps

By Bryan Cones |

Seven in 10 Catholics tell the Pew Research Center that they are somewhat or very satisfied with the leadership of the U.S. bishops. In other news Kansas City, Missouri priest Shawn Ratigan pleads guilty to creating child pornography. Charges against his bishop, Robert Finn, are still unresolved.

Daily Links, July 25: Bishops on the radio, Olympics and religion, social justice

By Meghan Murphy-Gill |

We finished up our September issue today. Expect it around the middle of next month. If you don’t already have a subscription, you’ll be missing some great content! (An interview with Kerry Cronin on the love lives of college students! Catholic millennials and their take on the war on terror! Young adults helping jump start small-businesses! Plus the regular departments and columns you don’t see on!)

Daily Links, July 24: Let's talk about sex abuse

By Scott Alessi |

Stories on sexual abuse are dominating the headlines today, with news on the church's abuse crisis and fallout from yesterday's Penn State ruling.