US Catholic Faith in Real Life

Which Catholic women inspire you?

Inspirational Catholic women are everywhere. Just look around for women to follow.

By Bernadette Raspante |
Article Your Faith

“There is so much going on in the world today. How can I keep my faith when the world feels like such a negative place?”

“This 24-hour news cycle is making me lose my faith in humanity!”

“Whom do I look to when I don’t see anyone making decisions that align with my faith?”


To maintain her calm, this Catholic sister tweets prayers to @POTUS

For Sister Susan Francois, a personal project in accountability has become a public witness.

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
Article Culture

Sister of Saint Joseph of Peace Susan Francois grew up knowing that the Catholic faith is connected to making the world a better place, but she probably didn’t expect she would be using her voice as a woman of the Church to influence public discourse on Twitter, one of the world’s top social media websites.


Laypeople, sisters share a common space and mission at the border

These women are breaking down walls in more ways than one.

By Pauline Hovey |
Article Justice

They crowd together in the narrow kitchen—septuagenarians and octogenarians, Millennials and Generation Zs—preparing lunch for guests in an El Paso house of hospitality known as Casa Vides. The three Irish Catholic sisters and four lay volunteers currently cohabitating in this old, two-story building share one mission: to serve immigrant families. Yet every morning they gather upstairs in the cramped dwelling for reflection, regardless of their religious affiliation, as Christians, non-Christians, and “Nones” alike.