US Catholic Faith in Real Life

A guide for our complex selves

St. Columba was a man of dueling natures—both peaceful pastor and warring politician. He needed both to do God’s will.

By Kenneth McIntosh |
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“Know who you really are and how God can use you,” one of my seminary teachers exhorted. Living this injunction, simple albeit powerful in message, has been an unfolding journey over my three decades of pastoral ministry and my current calling as a minister in the United Church of Christ.

Augustus Tolton: Pioneer pastor

Denied acceptance by every seminary in the country, America’s first black priest had to travel to Rome to answer God’s call.

By C. Vanessa White |
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I had never heard of Father Augustus Tolton until I took a course in black Catholic history at Xavier University in New Orleans. I did not know that he had ministered in Chicago (where I was from) nor of the many difficulties he had encountered as he had struggled to “answer the call” to become a Catholic priest in the United States in the late 19th century.