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How can we be a church of the poor?

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
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Pope Francis has put a “church of the poor” front and center. How should First World Christians respond to his invitation and challenge?

Roberto S. Goizueta, the prominent Boston College theologian, has taken a path that in many ways is quite different from his father, Roberto C. Goizueta. As CEO of the Coca-Cola Company, the elder Goizueta, a Cuban immigrant, was famous for the innovative global marketing skills with which he transformed the soft drink giant.

Believe it or not: Pope Francis, atheists, and salvation

By Bryan Cones |
Article Your Faith
Pope Francis’ generous approach to atheists got the world talking—and we should be glad it did.

One of the pleasures of Pope Francis’ honeymoon period as bishop of Rome has been the release of portions of his daily homilies preached in chapel of the guesthouse where he has decided to live. The off-the-cuff ease of his preaching marks the man a pastor—though perhaps one not yet accustomed to having the world hanging on his every word.

Embracing Latino popular devotions

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
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Theology professor Roberto Goizueta offers a crash course on the popular traditions of Latino Catholics.

Every community within the church celebrates different traditions and customs that stem from a variety of cultures, time periods, and countries. These traditions serve to enrich and deepen the faith life of an individual or a community. The feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12) provides the perfect opportunity to explore the popular traditions of one such faith community: Latino Catholics. 

Lead us forward on the liturgy

By John F. Baldovin, S.J. |
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With the church at a crossroads, Catholics look to Pope Francis for guidance. Father John Baldovin says that much needed renewal of the church begins with the liturgy.

Be a shepherd of peace

By Marie Dennis |
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With the church at a crossroads, Catholics look to Pope Francis for guidance. Marie Dennis calls the new pope to be a leader for peace in our world.

Unite our diverse church

By Miguel H. Díaz |
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With the church at a crossroads, Catholics look to Pope Francis for guidance. Former Vatican ambassador Miguel Díaz says the new pope must embrace the church’s diversity.

What happens when cardinals elect a pope

Caitlyn Schmid |
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VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The 115 cardinals participating in the conclave will know the identity of the new pope before the rest of the world, but their advance knowledge is likely to last for well over an hour, and even more in the unlikely event that the candidate they choose is not in the Sistine Chapel with them.

The last time cardinals in a conclave did not choose one of their members was in 1378 when they voted for the archbishop of Bari, Italy, who became Pope Urban VI.

Who invented Advent?

The answer may be more complicated than you thought.

By Victoria M. Tufano |
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The easy answer to that question is, we, the church, did. The feasts and seasons of the liturgical year all developed from the church’s desire to remember, celebrate, and live the great mysteries of our faith.

The answer gets more complicated when we realize that these seasons originated centuries ago and developed independently in different places, spreading, combining, and sometimes dying out.

Before we can talk about Advent, we have to talk about Christmas, obviously, and, less obviously, Epiphany.