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Lay Catholics and the church online

By J. Peter Nixon |
Article Your Faith

When Amy Welborn started her blog In Between Naps in September 2001, she was one of just a few Catholics using the medium to discuss issues of faith and culture. An Our Sunday Visitor columnist and book author, Welborn saw her blog as a place to test new topics and to interact with readers.


Hail Mary—the wisdom of a subversive devotion

‘Now and at the hour of our death’ we turn to the Mother of God.

By Rosemary Luling Haughton |
Article Your Faith

Coming in from the bright sunlight, a woman kneels before an altar in the dimness of the church; she has lit a small candle, and with many other small candles the light is reflected off glinting fabrics and jewels adorning the statue of the Mother of God. Crowned, lifted up, peaceful of gaze, she holds the Child on her lap, yet he is less noticeable. It is the great Mother to whom prayers are addressed, by women living in cultures-and a church-that gives little respect and less power to women. What does she think, the woman who lights the candle and prays to Mary?


The way we work

By Patrick McCormick |
Article Lifestyle

One reason "Mission Impossible" was so successful as a thriller this year it that lots of American workers could understand Tom Cruise's sense of betrayal when he discovers that good ol' Jim Phelps, played by Jon Voight, his trusted friend and benevolent supervisor, has decided to "downsize" the Impossible Mission team. But Voight isn't the only downsizing fiend around. In Arnold Schwarzenegger's summer slugfest "Eraser," James Caan is a back-stabbing boss who decides to "erase" Arnie (and several other employees) as part of his own restructuring and retirement plan.


Five prayers Catholics can take to heart

Five traditional Catholic prayers that are well worth memorizing.

By Bishop Robert F. Morneau |
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The issue of prayer is not prayer; the issue of prayer is God. One cannot pray unless he has faith in his own ability to accost the infinite, merciful, eternal God. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Mans Quest for God (Hudson River, 1981)


Start spreading the Good News

By Bryan Cones |
Article Your Faith
The first (and most ignored) rule of preaching the gospel: "Know your audience."

A friend's birthday party occasioned one of the odder questions I've been asked lately: "Do you practice religion?" My questioner seemed genuinely curious-not hostile or incredulous-but I couldn't help feeling as if I'd been asked how often I sacrifice goats. The stylish, 25-year-old woman represented the demographic brass ring for most churches, the coveted-though-AWOL, professional, single "young adult." Yet she knew next to nothing about religion.


Conscientious courage

By Michael Hovey |
Article Justice
Franz Jägerstätter paved the way for those who object to war by following a higher order.

In April 1974, while serving at the U.S. Navy base in Sasebo, Japan, I visited the Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum in the nearby city of Nagasaki, the second city destroyed by an atomic bomb dropped by U.S. forces.