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What’s happening at the border is a crime against our collective humanity

When you bury a child, you bury the future.

By Father Bryan Massingale |
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In TV courtroom dramas such as CSI or Law and Order, the medical examiner’s testimony often plays a key role. By examining a victim’s wounds, you can discern much about the circumstances surrounding a death. The body’s wounds can tell, for example, the kind of gun used in a crime, the time lapsed between the lethal event and the body’s discovery; the strength possessed by an aggressor; the size of the culprit’s hands, perhaps even a possible motive—such as wether the death was accidental or intended. All of this is revealed from an analysis of the body’s injuries.


Want to fight for families on the border? Take a cue from these nuns

The fight to protect undocumented immigrants is tougher than ever, but two dedicated nuns show no signs of stopping.

By Kim Bellware |
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Just after sunrise on a below-freezing January morning, a huddle of people gathered outside a nondescript Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building in the Chicago suburb of Broadview for a vigil the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants (ICDI) has been holding every week for more than 11 years.