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Be the peace

Make the peaceable kingdom more than a Christmas card.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

It’s Christmas card season again. Expect an avalanche of Renaissance Madonnas in your mailbox. And there will be angels too, of course: both the cute and chubby kind who look like escapees from Saturday morning cartoons and the long, severe, ethereal models who actually appear capable of bearing fateful tidings from God. 

We are not alone in our grief and fear

Lament gives us space to let the pain breathe and a way to rail against God.

By Emily Sanna |
blog Your Faith

There are times when words fail us. When the future seems unbearable, when we see no way forward, when all we can do is scream at God, “Why, God, why?”

It’s tempting, at times like these, to give up. To curl up in bed and shut out the rest of the world. To turn our backs on God—who didn’t protect us from the tragedy. To wrap ourselves in a community of like-minded individuals and rail against the state of the world while simultaneously pretending it doesn’t exist. I think it’s safe to say most of us have felt this way at some point in the last 12 months.

When the world is falling apart, keep going

The future is a scary place, but we have to face it head-on—even if we’d rather deal with change by hiding our heads in the sand.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

What do you do when the sky is falling? This is not just a problem for Chicken Little to solve in the familiar children’s story. It’s a life question all of us have to answer sooner or later. As is the case with most fables and nursery rhymes, the famous fowl must address a certain grim reality nested in the experience of a world at risk.

It’s OK to push back against God. Moses did.

Like many Christians today, Moses' relationship was God was less than smooth. That's because it was a partnership.

By Alice Camille |
Article Your Faith

It can be a wee bit confusing, after a year dedicated to celebrating divine mercy, to spend any appreciable time with the God of Moses. It seems as if for those 40 years the Israelites spent in the wilderness, God threatens every five minutes to visit supernatural plagues and military catastrophes on various enemies—as well as snakes, fire, thunderbolts, leprosy, and earthquakes on God’s friends. At the end of the epic journey, God’s best pal Moses gets denied access to the land of promise. Where’s this mercy we’ve been talking about?

What is 666 in the Bible?

Although many people associate 666 with the devil, the Book of Revelation explains what the number really signifies.

By Joel Schorn |
Article Your Faith

Years ago I worked summers on a farm in Michigan, near a fundamentalist Christian community. I didn’t know much about them other than that you didn’t want to get behind one of their members in a checkout line, because if their total had the number six in it, they would keep buying things until the sixes disappeared. This behavior came from a fear of having anything to do with the number 666, which some Christians have connected to Satan and see as a symbol of evil.

Birth announcements: Examining the infancy narratives

We shouldn’t get hung up on the details surrounding Jesus’ birth, says Bible scholar Laurie Brink.

By A U.S. Catholic interview |
Article Your Faith

Learning scripture in the land of the Bible changes the way you read it, says Sister Laurie Brink, O.P., who leads study tours to places such as Bethlehem. “The land holds memory,” she says. “It’s made holy by everybody that went there before.”

Unwrap the gifts of Advent

Christmas should be an attitude toward life, not an endurance exercise. This Advent season, why not shop the scriptures rather than the malls to prepare?

By Joan Chittister |
Article Your Faith

Thanksgiving, and in some places Halloween, is barely over these days before stores begin to play Christmas songs as background sound for the orgy of buying and wrapping and overspending. The pumpkins and scarecrows and cornucopia of October and November get put hastily aside to make way for cheap tinsel and cute music and flashing lights.