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Documentary ‘Fed Up' calls for an overhaul of the American diet

By Danny Duncan Collum |
Article Culture
Directed by Stephanie Soechtig (Atlas Films, 2014)

Here are two telling facts from Fed Up, a documentary on American childhood obesity now on DVD: 1. Eighty percent of packaged foods in your local supermarket have added sugar. 2. In a university study, 40 out of 43 cocaine-addicted lab rats preferred sugar water over cocaine. Add that to an animated sequence showing the inside of a child’s body processing 160 calories of almonds versus 160 calories of soda, and you get the picture.

Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Cinderella’ sparkles a bit too much

By Molly Jo Rose |
Article Culture
Directed by Kenneth Branagh (Walt Disney Studios, 2015)

There’s something great about 5-year-old boys. They are so unformed, and yet, their opinions are made of the stuff of ball bearings. Take my son, for instance. He will not wear plaid, eat hot dogs, or play with "dumb girl stuff." Dumbgirlstuff should be all one word as those words always fall quickly upon each other.