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The Social Experiment makes music that inspires in ‘Surf’

By Nicholas Liao |
Article Culture
Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment (Self-released, 2015)
Much of the buzz about Surf, the indie debut from musical collective The Social Experiment, is due to the band’s most famous member: Chance the Rapper. The 22-year-old Chicago wunderkind’s self-released 2013 mixtape, Acid Rap, marked him as a poster child for eccentric, left-field rappers who have built followings largely via the internet and word of mouth.  

Love prevails in the Brian Wilson biopic ‘Love and Mercy'

By Chris Byrd |
Article Culture
Love and Mercy
Directed by Bill Pohlad (River Road Entertainment/Battle Mountain Films, 2015)

Brian Wilson was a gifted yet troubled songwriter. In Love and Mercy, Bill Pohlad explores two critical periods in Wilson's life: the mid ‘60s, when he produced the Beach Boys’ highly regarded Pet Sounds album, and the ‘80s, when Wilson was under the dangerous influence of therapist Eugene Landry (Paul Giamatti).

'The End of the Tour' pays fitting tribute to David Foster Wallace

By Meghan Murphy-Gill |
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In 1996, David Lipsky wanted what David Foster Wallace had, what any serious writer would want. Lipsky says as much, both in the pages of the book on which The End of the Tour is based and through Jesse Eisenburg, the actor who portrays Lipsky in the movie version.

'5 Flights Up' paints a compelling picture of long-term relationships

By Molly Jo Rose |
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For fans of The Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman’s narration of 5 Flights Up is disconcerting. In both films, Freeman reflects on the past 40 years while facing uncertainty in the years to come. Instead of a character about to leave prison, however, 5 Flights Up focuses on aging married couple Alex (Freeman) and Ruth (Diane Keaton), who are deciding if they want to leave their now-coveted Brooklyn apartment that is five flights up with no elevator.

Lord Huron transports listeners into strange unknown with 'Strange Trails'

By Sarah Butler Schueller |
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You’ve probably never heard of prolific Western adventure novelist George Ranger Johnson. That’s only, however, because Lord Huron frontman Ben Schneider made him up (complete with an author website). Johnson’s novels were, according to Schneider, the inspiration for his Michigan-turned-Los Angeles band’s 2012 debut album, Lonesome Dreams.