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Recovering the Catholic voice of poet Dunstan Thompson

In his collection of poems, 'Here at Last is Love,' Dustan Thompson provides a testament to how the paradox of faith is not far from the mystery of love.

By Nick Ripatrazone |
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Here at Last is Love: Selected Poems by Dunstan Thompson. Edited by Gregory Wolfe (Slant Books, 2015)

‘Pale Horses’: Eleven tracks of insanity with a religious twist

mewithoutYou’s newest album is brass and bizarre—and biblical.

By Jessie Bazan |
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Pale Horses
mewithoutyou (Run for Cover Records, 2015)

mewithoutYou’s newest album is brass and bizarre—and biblical. 

Celebrate your inner child with The Mountain Goats' ‘Beat the Champ'

'Beat the Champ' is a layered album that celebrates the glory of wrestling and explores the dark corners of Darnielle’s relationship with his stepfather.

By Molly Jo Rose |
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Beat the Champ
The Mountain Goats (Merge Records, 2015)

‘Charity Detox’ fails to reveal root causes of poverty

By Jack Jezreel |
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In Robert Lupton’s follow-up to his popular Toxic Charity, the author weighs the future of effective efforts to reduce poverty. Echoing themes of his previous work and drawing from a wide and sometimes wonderful collection of stories and experience, Lupton insists that church handouts do little for those who are poor and, in fact, can do harm. 

‘University Ethics’ asks that colleges practice what they preach

By Denise Lardner Carmody |
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Universities regularly teach ethics across their curriculum and in graduate courses at professional schools, but as James Keenan writes, the university itself does not engage seriously with ethics when pursuing its goals and mission. Simply put, Keenan asks that the university practice what it teaches.

Ryan Adams' cover of ‘1989’ falls flat

It’s hard to do Ryan Adams when you want Taylor Swift.

By Molly Jo Rose |
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You can’t help but wonder why. What is alt-rock god Ryan Adams doing covering Taylor Swift’s zeitgeist of an album, 1989? Is it a joke? Is the rocker taking the piss out of Swift? Is it, like Father John Misty’s Swift covers, a critical jibe? Or is this real?  Does Ryan Adams, a musician with serious music cred, actually admire the album?

Turns out he does. Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 is sincere. It’s an authentic homage to what many agree is already a timeless album. Whether Adams’ take is any good or not is an entirely different question.

‘On the Side of the Poor’ reminds us of the true purpose of theology

By Meghan J. Clark |
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“Faith is a gift,” writes Dominican Father Gustavo Gutiérrez. “To receive this gift means putting oneself behind Jesus as he walks, putting his teachings into practice and proclaiming the reign of God. The act of faith stands at the beginning of all theology.”