US Catholic Faith in Real Life

Watch: Argo

By Elizabeth Lefebvre |
Article Culture
Directed by Ben Affleck (Warner Brothers, 2012)

Films based on true events face the dual challenge of making real life captivating on the big screen and of keeping a story engaging for an audience that likely already knows the ending. Director and star Ben Affleck’s Argo successfully does both, as the film takes a few necessary liberties with historical details in order to create a movie that is suspenseful to the very end.


Used books: What U.S. Catholic readers love to read

By Meghan Murphy-Gill |
Article Your Faith
U.S. Catholic readers’ favorite books are tattered and torn with love.

Booksmart. defines it as "1. A very smart person who bases his or her arguments on facts from books. 2. To have brains."