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What ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ can teach us about the Amazon synod

The synod is a powerful lesson to spread filial love for all of creation.

By David Russell Mosley |
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On October 15, 2017 Pope Francis announced that the Pan-Amazonian Synod would be taking place in Rome. The goal of the synod is to seek out new paths for evangelization, particularly in the area known as Amazonia, and shape “a Church with an Amazonian face,” according to the preparatory document for the synod published by the Vatican. The synod documents follow Pope Francis’ urging that care for creation necessarily includes care for the poor.

What will the Amazon synod do for the church?

At the Amazon synod, the church must stand with indigenous people to protect creation.

By Kevin Clarke |
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The Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region was controversial long before this fall. Self-described orthodox Catholics have worried over its potential impact far from the Amazon. One of the issues to be discussed at the synod is the acute shortage of priests in the nine countries that make up Amazonia.

Start a new church? Women deserve better than wise cracks

The church can ill-afford to be so discouraging toward women.

By Steven P. Millies |
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“We are Catholics, but if any of you want to found another church you are free to go.”

Pope Francis was responding to a religious woman’s question at the May 10 meeting of the International Union of Superiors General in Rome. The question asked about Francis’ recent announcement that a theological commission examining whether women should become deacons had not reached a definitive conclusion, rendering the issue effectively dead for the moment. “In the case of the diaconate, we have to see what was there at the beginning of revelation,” the pope told her.

Five ways Francis has changed the church

A look into what Pope Francis’ five-year tenure means for Catholics.

By J. Peter Nixon |
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Large companies in financial trouble often seek out a specific type of CEO known as a “turnaround artist.” These leaders—think Lee Iacocca at Chrysler or Steve Jobs at Apple—are willing to take risks and upset settled ways of doing things. They tend to be controversial and either succeed or fail in spectacular fashion.

A 33-year-old goes to World Youth Day

A celebration of youth and God's mercy brings people of all ages together.

By Jeannine M. Pitas |
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“It is up to us to see God in those people who are suffering,” Pope Francis declared during one of his passionate homilies during the 15th World Youth Day, held in Kraków, Poland during July 2016. “When we reach out to the persecuted, the homeless, the migrant, and the refugee, we touch the face of Jesus. In the face of evil, suffering and sin, the only response is the gift of oneself, even one’s life, in imitation of Christ.”